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In the past few years, crypto users have been pushed to give up total control of their assets simply because it is vital to swap cryptocurrencies. Many traders have turned to centralized exchanges which do not put users in the driving seat. More so, these exchanges have complex and cumbersome procedures for trading assets. Processes like the compulsory KYC verification and unnecessary withdrawal limits have not synced with one of the main purposes of the creation of cryptocurrencies, which is decentralization.

While this is a major issue in the crypto ecosystem, a reliable and solid solution to this has been…

Since the advent of the internet in 1983, it has become easier than ever before to share items and resources in the digital space. While this relative ease of sharing resources on the internet is beneficial for a lot of people, it has also served as a setback for creators of content who wish to protect their intellectual or personally owned property.

Today, a lot of information and resources are illegally transferred to the wrong hands. Copyright laws have played a part in curbing this mischief, however, it hasn’t done enough to put a halt to it.

With the aid…

In the crypto ecosystem, swapping one token for another is unavoidable. While this is possible on multiple platforms, users are faced with a lot of challenges. On decentralized exchanges, crypto users are constantly pressed with the challenge of sufficient liquidity for swapping tokens. The issue of low liquidity usually results in high gas fees. On centralized exchanges, on the other hand, buy and sell orders make swapping or exchanging crypto-assets relatively easier and cost-effective. However, the security of assets on such platforms can be easily compromised.

The Sigmadex protocol has a framework that solves the problem of liquidity on decentralized…

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A lot of newbies in the crypto space usually ask what the safest wallet for storing crypto is or what exchange is best for trading. Realistically though, there is no specific correct answer to questions like that. In this article, I will be talking about some exchanges I have used and the features that make each of them great in its own way. I will also be including an affiliate link through which you can register on any of the exchanges. Registration is free and you may get a commission if you register with my link, depending on the exchange…

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It’s no longer news that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have enjoyed a massive boom over the past few months, even beyond what many crypto fans were expecting. The last few months have seen bitcoin rise from grass to grace, or rather, from a lower level of grace to a higher level of grace. Some time ago, very few people knew about cryptocurrencies, and only a few among the few really understood it. Thankfully though, today, almost everyone knows about bitcoin and a lot of soon-to-be parents or heavy mothers may just have chosen the name Satoshi Nakamoto for their unborn…

The Most Underrated Asset in the World

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Some months ago, during a virtual conference, I once asked my audience what the most underrated asset in the world is. Someone said it’s a phone, another said it’s knowledge, yet another said it’s a piece of land. No doubt, all the aforementioned items are assets.

Robert Kiyosaki defined an asset as something that adds money to your pocket. An asset could also mean something that is valuable. With these definitions in mind, TIME is the world’s most underrated asset.

As we all know, money lost can later be regained in the future…

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Silentpoettt _ A science student who fell in love with art. I write articles related to investment, online businesses, finance, blockchain and crypto.

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